3 Beneficial Characteristics Of Pipe Crawlers

When the need for inspecting pipelines arises, technology can provide a major helping hand. There is a new piece of equipment called a pipe crawler that can inspect pipelines of various diameters. This amazing piece of equipment mounts a camera on wheels that travels the pipeline in order to detect problems or defects. The pipe crawler can travel much more quickly than current viewing devices, which provides a full view of the interior of pipelines. When choosing a pipe crawler, there are three significant characteristics to look for in order to get the most out of this investment.


One common problem with conventional pipeline inspection devices is that there are a number of pipe sizes to inspect, requiring technicians to invest in a variety of cameras to fit each diameter of pipe. Pipe crawlers provide the versatility needed to avoid this problem. They are available in a scalable design that can be adjusted to the specific inspection requirements. Some models provide two camera mounts and wheels in different sizes, which provides a way to customize a fit into almost any pipe size.


The key to inspecting pipes is to provide the client with feedback as soon as possible. Pipe crawlers have the ability to quickly detect a problem with clear, accurate pictures of pipeline interiors at the click of a button. The pan and tilt function and continuous rotation can provide a full diagnosis of the issues with the pipe so that the proper repairs can take place as soon as possible.

Easily Portable

Pipe crawlers are very simple and easy to transport from place to place and is set up very easily. The different components, including the camera, insertion cables, cable reel, and crawler can be assembled in minutes. This is beneficial to both the technician and the client. Best of all, the scale of this piece of equipment will easily fit into a specialized case so that it can be safely transported.

The results of the images can also be easily saved, as pipe crawlers have the capability to save data to a USB memory stick that connects to the main control panel. The technician can quickly view the information on a laptop on site in order to diagnose the issue causing concern.

Pipe crawlers, orarticulating borescopes, can provide a wealth of benefits. They provide high performance viewing that can easily view pipes in various shapes and sizes. It is important to carefully consider which piece of equipment is best suited for your needs based on the type of pipe work you are doing.  

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