4 Things To Do Before Hiring A Video Production Company For Your Business

There are many reasons as to why you may need to hire a video production company for your business; perhaps you're looking to shoot a television commercial, or maybe you're just interested in having a professional video put up on the front page of your business's website. Either way, it's important to find the right video production company for your needs. Before you hire anybody for the job, then, there are some things you need to do.

Ask for Full Video Samples, Not Demo Reels

If you check out a lot of video production companies' websites, you'll find that their home pages have a demo reel, or a short video that compiles some of their best work. This is great, but it doesn't really give you a true idea of what one of their full, complete projects looks like. Instead of looking only at their demo reel, check for full videos of their past work or ask for them; any reputable company should be more than happy to provide these.

Find Out Who They've Worked With in the Past

The types of clients a company has worked for in the past will give you a better idea about their areas of expertise. Ideally, you'll want to find a video production company who has worked with businesses and industries similar to yours in the past. At the very least, they should have proven experience in producing the type of video you need, whether it be a full-length commercial, a quick promo, a product demonstration, or anything in between.

Be Prepared to Get Quotes All Over the Map

If you take the time to shop around for quotes with a variety of companies, there's a good chance you'll get quotes that are all over the place. One company might quote you a fraction of what another company quoted for the same job; it's the nature of the business, as price will vary greatly with expertise. Video production is one area where you truly do get what you pay for, so never go with a company based on price alone.

Find Out About Their Average Turnaround Time

If your video request is time sensitive, be sure to find out up-front how long the project is expected to take. From there, should you choose to go with that company, you can get the timeline put into a written contract to ensure your video is done on time.

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